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organisationsGrants for Organisations

Grant making policies for organisations that provide “relevant” services calculated to address and/or reduce the financial or educational needs of individuals or groups.

Due to financial constraints, the trustees have resolved not to consider applications from “new” organisations i.e. not currently, or very recently, in receipt of a grant. The Charity currently provides major financial assistance to the organisations listed (right) and believes it targets the main areas of poverty in the City through individual grants and/or by sponsoring the organisations already in receipt of assistance.

The constitution provides that 12% of the total nett income is available for educational grants to individuals and organisations.

The trustees are unwilling to sponsor organisations that provide health related care, mainly because such charities provide indiscriminate help to all-comers, regardless of their financial circumstances or financial needs.

The trustees consider their discretionary assistance to organisations collectively, so that it should not reach the point where the help available to individuals in need is compromised as a direct result.

Grants to organisations are at the complete discretion of the trustees, usually for 12 month periods, with no commitment to repeat a grant. In general terms the Charity is unwilling to provide more than 49% of an organisation’s total annual income.

When awarding grants to organisations the Charity considers their “unit costs of operating”. “best value for money” ¬†and the “relative contribution to the work of the charity by paid staff and unpaid volunteers”.

If having read this advice you wish to apply, please complete the form.

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